Sep 29


A53Jeanet Papiermole & Tine te Paske7 ♥-1-100NZ
A57Gerrit Rutgers & Ria Nas6 ♥C+1430NZ
A510Ans van Thiel & Marian Heutink6 ♥C+1430NZ
A512Bennie ten Barge & Maaike Vocking6 ♥C+1430NZ
A67Gerrit Rutgers & Ria Nas7SAC+1520NZ
A69Hans Winters & Thea Winters6SA+1+1020NZ
A610Ans van Thiel & Marian Heutink6SAC+990NZ
A612Bennie ten Barge & Maaike Vocking6SAC+990NZ
A1812Bennie ten Barge & Maaike Vocking6 ♦ xC+1090OW
B227Arie Prins & Ina klein Hesselink6 ♣+1+1390OW

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